How to Tell Stories That’ll Get You a Job

If you want to be a better interviewee (or leader or influencer of any kind), learn to tell better stories by using or avoiding cognitive biases.

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How to Get a Job You’re Not Qualified For

There’s a lot going on in a job interview besides a routine check of qualifications and general intelligence. Whether you are liked or disliked is a huge factor in whether you get a job or not.

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Want to Lead? Learn to Question Like a Coach.

Truly effective professionals ask questions. They empower others to reach the answers through their guidance, elevating everyone’s engagement.

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The Soft Skills That Lead to Career Mastery and Happiness

We walk you through a free quiz that will help assess areas of personal growth in professional settings.

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These Biases Reveal Why You Should Probably Leave Your Job

These cognitive biases are formidable opponents. But knowing you’ve got these biases is the first step toward overcoming them.

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6 Steps To Making Presentations Like a Pro

The final mile in your work will always be communication. Learn to present things like a pro and you'll boost your value as a professional and future-proof your career.

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How to Begin a Career in Data Science

We offer a list of practical rules on how to enter the analytics profession.

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